Masterlist of Resources

Researching nutrition is really difficult, so I’ve collected here all the resources I’ve found helpful over the years. Be sure to check back here from time to time as I discover more.

YouTube Channels

What I’ve Learned: This channel explores a variety of health topics, very well researched and presented and a great introduction to these topics.

Frank Tufano: Hardcore carnivore science.

Health Coach Kait: Keto and carnivore advice.

Garland Farms: Debunking agriculture and vegan myths.

Dr Berg: Medical doctor, explores a range of health and nutrition topics.

Dr Nick Zyrowski: A similar channel, another doctor interested in the benefits of keto and fasting.

Thomas DeLauer: A resource for all things keto, carnivore and fasting.


Dr Michael Eades- 30 Years of Flawed Nutritional Science

Dr Georgia Ede- EAT Lancet’s Plant-based Planet: Food in the Misanthropocene

Adam Ruins Everything- Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fat

Meat Heals: An Autoimmune Disease Case for the Carnivore Diet ft. Mikhaila Peterson || #92

Fat Head Documentary

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