Game Changers Debunked


I have been following the documentary Game Changers for a little while now with a kind of morbid fascination. For those unaware, the documentary sets out to prove that vegan athletes can not only survive but thrive on a plant based diet. However during the process several athletes had to drop out due to failing health. The documentary has been very controversial as it cherry picks data and presents, essentially, a fabricated story.

While some people are genetically more able to survive on a plant based diet with fewer digestive and immune issues, no one can live like that forever. It’s simply not how human beings were designed to eat.

Above is the counter documentary by Food Lies to break down the claims in Game Changers. I share this because it is valuable in helping people to make sense of Game Changers, and hopefully steer them towards more informed decisions. Especially if they’re overwhelmed trying to delve into the world of nutritional science or would rather watch a documentary than sift through academic reports.

I am not a dogmatic carnivore, but I believe everyone has the right to the truth and to make informed decisions, especially in regards to their bodies and health.

(Sorry about the cheesy skits in the video, we’ll just have to ignore those!)


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