Keto Timpano Experiment

This is insane, why did I do this?

Timpano, I first heard about it from Rie at @dessertsnob on Instagram. It looked ridiculous and I was keen to try making a meat-based keto version for myself. I made it about a year ago, before I went carnivore maybe I should try an all meat one next time.

This isn’t a recipe, I just wanted to share how this turned out, it’s sort of a sideshow oddity.

I used bacon as the outer casing and layered in meatballs, hard boiled eggs, hot dogs, sundried tomatoes, black olives, champignon mushrooms, and pasta sauce, I used melted cream cheese and mozzarella to hold it all together. 

Baked at 200c/ 392f for 45 minutes covered and then 30 minutes uncovered and left it to refrigerate overnight.

Altogether it cost about $20AUD.




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