KetOMAD has a mission: To make nutrition accessible to everyone regardless of budget, time, energy or cooking ability. Secondly it wants to make healthy food enjoyable and exciting to both make and eat.


KetOMAD was created by Connor Coulson and is the result of years of research into the science of nutrition, throwing out every misconception we were taught to believe, and healing his body through the ketogenic and carnivore diets and fasting. Since 2011 he has been battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AKA Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. There is no cure and the available treatments sometimes do more harm than good. This is what inspired him to take matters into his own hands and try to keep himself as strong and healthy as possible through diet, meditation and yoga. While he is housebound and sometimes bedbound, due to his efforts he has experienced numerous benefits to body and mind including maintaining muscle, fat loss, improved focus, immunity, digestion and consistent energy levels throughout day.

This blog aims to help others like him, as well as anyone hoping to improve themselves and lead a healthier happier life.

On this blog you will find the results of his research and experiments, sharing his original recipes as well as reviewing those he finds around the web. There will also be links to resources that can help you learn more about the ketogenic diet and fasting. Connor is not a doctor or a nutritionist but encourages you to do your own research before making any lifestyle changes. While these diets can have tremendous benefits, they can be risky if not executed properly.

From Perth, Western Australia.